Slowly but surely the game progresses. I have a list - partially mental, partially written - of all the things I need to add to the game before I consider it done. After reviewing the list, it sometimes seems like I'll never be finished. Plus of course I'm constantly adding to it. More features ... more equipment ... more planetary objects ... more more more. This is probably why Dave and I hardly ever finished any of our games. We're constantly striving for perfection - and our definition of perfection gets upped a notch each time we get remotely close to achieving it.

Of course this is partially a good thing. As a result of our stubbornness we'll never create something we think is second-rate. If we don't like playing it then there is something wrong. In the past, however, this has degenerated into incessant tweaking. We get so caught up in the need to make it the best that we forget to actually finish the game.

This is why I am so determined to complete GFKAEV (or whatever it ends up being called). I want to have the satisfaction of not just finishing a game, but of finishing a game of which I am proud.

As a goal for which to shoot I'm aiming to have at least a minimal demo (a few levels) out for the next issue of the Insider. It's all a matter of finding time to code.


Items in bold are more recent.

Here's the list of what I've done so far:


GFKAEV Screen Shots
ev3 ev4 shield


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