Time lapse of our house addition/remodel. Each column (usually) corresponds to the same camera angle.

The "before" pictures
Monday, September 29 - Garage demolition begun
Tuesday, September 30 - More demolition - finger covering the sun in shot 6
Wednesday, October 1 - Cleanup and started breaking concrete
Thursday, October 2 - OMG a hole!

Friday, October 3 - Hole gets bigger
There is now a big pile of dirt (BPOD) on our driveway blocking my normal photo locations. So the pictures will be from a different angle for a while. Be sure to click on the last two photos today. I took them from atop the BPOD to get a good view of the whole hole.
Tuesday, October 7 - When it gets scary: House on stilts (more clickable photos)
Wednesday, October 8 - Started filling bottom of hole with gravel as drainage for the basement
Thursday, October 9 - Digging out the sewer line
Friday, October 10 - More digging under the house
Love the inadvertant rose in pic #5. In shot 6 you can see where they have been digging out from under the house.
Tuesday, October 14 - Framing basement slab
Getting ready to pour concrete for the basement. Yay! The black bucket connected to the white piping is, we think, the ejector pump for the basement bathroom. The concrete will be poured around it and it will end up in the closet under the stairs.
Check out the nice Tinker Toy Ferris Wheel that Gavin constructed by himself (following a picture) in the front bay window.
Wednesday, October 15 - Forming
Only one photo today since I was late and the workers had already started. They are forming the basement now and are scheduled to start pouring concrete on the 16th.
Thursday, October 16 - Started pouring basement
Monday, October 20 - Forming the walls before pouring
Tuesday, October 21 - More wall forming
I'm guessing they'll finish forming Thursday and pour either Thursday or Friday.
Wednesday, October 22 - More forming
Inspection on Thursday and pour on Friday.
Thursday, October 23 - Almost done forming
Inspection is actually Friday. Pouring is Friday as well.
Friday, October 24 - Waiting
Inspection passed, but not fully complete. It is scheduled for Wednesday. Unfortunately they can't pour the concrete for the walls until it is done. So we lost about a week from this whole ordeal. There will probably be no updates until pouring is done on Wednesday.
Wednesday, October 29 - Poured walls!
Thursday, October 30 - Getting ready to frame
The walls dried over night - I was surprised that they could take down the forms so soon. Looks like they're getting ready to start framing.
Monday, November 3 - We have framing!
And still a swimming pool...
Tuesday, November 4 - More framing
Wednesday, November 5 - And more framing
Light wells still to be formed and poured.
Thursday, November 6 - Living room floor in place
The last shot shows that framing is being done in the basement as well.
Friday, November 7 - Basement work (see last shot)
And a bit of fog.
Monday, November 10 - Family room framing
Finally angles 2 and 3 show something interesting.
Tuesday, November 11 - More framing
Short day due to the holiday.
Wednesday, November 12 - Finished framing
Still need to do the ceiling joists and roof. Not to mention the garage. There is a big hold-up with the light wells to satisfy the city. Hopefully it doesn't delay things too much.
Thursday, November 13 - Plywood walls going up
Friday, November 14 - Roof joists and some interior work
The door from our house to the former garage - the one that used to open to the Pit Of Death - now opens to a pleasantly rough framed family room. We can see the different rooms, closet, and hole where the stairs will be. Some electrical work has been done in the basement, but due to lack of stairs and ladder I didn't get down there.
Tuesday, November 18 - Roof
Missed yesterday. The roof beams are in place. I'm excited I can resume the "out the door" camera angle :)
Wednesday, November 19 - More roof
Sounds like the stairs will go in soon. I'll be including more interior updates once that happens. Especially since there won't be much change on the outside until the lightwells get approved and work on the garage can begin. They might even get the windows in soon, which would be good timing since rain is predicted for all of next week.
Thursday, November 20 - Interior shots
All interior shots as the outside hasn't changed. Stairs are in. There isn't much else they can do now that they're held up by the city. For that reason there may not be many updates for a week or two.
Angle 1: From laundry room looking towards door to kitchen.
Angle 2: At top of stairs just outside kitchen, looking into family room.
Angle 3: Down the stairs.
Angle 4: At bottom of stairs looking towards opposite corner.
Angle 5: In basement looking towards bathroom, closet, and under the stairs.
Angle 6: Back corner of family room looking towards opposite corner (opposite of angle 2, basically).
Angle 7: Same as angle 6, just rotated right 45-degrees towards family room closet.
Tuesday, December 30 - Back from vacation
Backfilling started!
Wednesday, December 31 - More backfilling
Friday, January 2 - Backfilling mostly complete except for light wells
Tuesday, January 6 - Forming light wells!
Thursday, January 8 - Light wells formed
Friday, January 9 - Light wells poured!
Tuesday, January 13 - Back fill around light wells
Wednesday, January 14 - More light well work
Thursday, January 15 - Clean up
Saturday, January 17 - More clean up
Bye bye BPOD. It's nice to have the front clear again. Forming for the garage should happen next week.
Monday, January 19 - Started digging for garage slab
Wednesday, January 21 - Formed outer wall of garage
Friday, January 23 - Poured outer wall and started framing! (That took me by surprise)
I assume it was too wet to pour the slab.
Friday, January 26 - More framing
Friday, January 27 - Roof
Friday, January 28 - Walls
Wednesday, February 4 - Windows & roof
Thursday, February 5 - Finished roof shingles
Monday, February 9 - Preparing for stucco
Tuesday, February 10 - Interior work before frame inspection
From now on interior shots will use the following camera angles.
(Angle 4 may not always be possible.)
Tuesday, February 17 - Frame inspection passed! Insulation begins.
No angle 4
Scroll right for the rest.
Friday, February 20 - Sheet rock
Monday, February 23 - All sheet rock up
Thursday, February 26 - Garage slab
Sunday, March 1 - Tape & putty
Monday, March 2 - More putty over nails
Friday, March 6 - Textured walls
Saturday, March 7 - Mortar bathroom shower in preparation for tiling
Monday, March 9 - Cabinets arrived. Tile in new shower. Stucco prep begun.
Tuesday, March 10 - Cabinets. Doors. Shower shampoo shelf.
Wednesday, March 11 - More cabinets. Closet shelves. Counters arrived (up against garage wall).
Thursday, March 12 - All cabinets installed. Fixed bathroom door swing direction. Another coat on exterior walls.
Friday, March 13 - Fixed one cabinet. Garage door!
Monday, March 16 - Stair banister. Counter tops and sinks.
Wednesday, March 18 - Tile in laundry and bathroom. Last layer of stucco before painting.
Friday, March 20 - Tile grout. Laundry hooked up!
Monday, March 22 - Paint!
Tuesday, March 23 - More paint.
Wednesday, March 25 - Water main replacement.
Saturday, March 28 - Form driveway.
Tuesday, March 31 - Ceiling fan. Light switches. Outlets. Speakers. Vent covers. Driveway!
Tuesday, April 7 - External lighting.
Saturday, April 11 - Blinds. Light rims. Cabinet pulls. Bathroom lighting. Shower doors. Towel rack/ring.
Monday, April 13 - Cabinet handles. Railing extension. Carpet! Funny - it's really hard to tell the difference between the carpet and the wood/concrete from previous pictures.
Tuesday, April 14 - Baseboards painted post-carpet. Gutters. Mail slot.
Tuesday, May 9 -Signed off! Moved in!