The demo's here! Without further ado, here's the link.

GFKAEV Demo (290k) (broken link)

Check out Spotlight for more details.

Goin' Home

I'm leaving on vacation next Saturday (the 20th). Boy I can't wait to get out of here. Work has been so <blech> lately I need to get away. The four days at Thanksgiving helped a bit, but what I really need is a couple weeks off. So I'm leaving sunny California (okay not so sunny these days) for blistery Virginia. You know, I lived on the east coast for 22 years so you'd think I'd be accustomed to the cold. Heck, I went to school in Blacksburg, VA of all places. While I'm sure it can't compare to the northeast, it does get really friggin' cold.

But I'm a pansy. After only two years living in the bay area I'm starting to think 50o is pretty dang cold. So maybe a trip back east will give me a shot in the arm to make me appreciate the nice weather again.

All is not bleak, however. It's Christmas time and that means lots of fun stuff happening. Seeing the family is a good thing and the presents don't hurt either (pleasepleaseplease tell me I got Colony Wars).

And BONUS I get to work with Dave on the game while there. The DSI crew united again. About the only other times we get together are for my summer trip back east and when we meet in San Diego for Comicon International. I don't know exactly what we're going to do since programming is kind of a one-man deal. But hey we'll think of something.

Unfortunately this means I'll be offline for two weeks. No email for 16 days? WhatamIgonnado? :)

Happy Holidays fellow Yarozers

Scott Cartier


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