The GFKAEV demo is here! Grab it from the link above-right!

You can also check out the readme file which is included in the zip.

Let me know what you think! I'll be gone from Dec 20th to Jan 4th so I won't be able to respond until after then. Encounter a bug? Have a suggestion? Just want to make a comment? Write me

Making the demo was the best thing I could have done at the moment. Yes it was a pain in the butt getting it presentable but in the end I'm glad I did it. Over the past months there have been many minor fixes that I put on the back burner. They probably would have stayed there for a long time. Making the demo forced me to address them (since I obviously don't want them showing up when others play the game :) ).

So what's left for the future? Tentatively I will have another demo ready in a few months - hopefully sooner. This will have most of the game functionality, whereas the current demo has maybe 30-40%. It will include the first of the five planned galaxies (roughly 15 levels). Here's some of what's to come:


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