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Cheats & Secrets

To activate a cheat, enter the menu system. From the main menu, choose CONFIGURATION -> CHEAT MENU. From the pause menu choose CHEAT MENU.

All activated cheats will be listed. Most cheats can be enabled and disabled as you wish. If the circle to the left of the cheat is red then the cheat is active. To toggle a cheat, go down to that line and press the menu enter button (as determined by your button configuration).

To enter a new cheat, select ENTER CHEAT. Next press a sequence of 10 buttons using the 4 main buttons only. If the cheat was accepted you will hear a chime and the name of the cheat will appear before taking you back to the previous menu.

(Aug 10, 1999)New cheats in this update: Super Shield, Time Stop, and Level Skip

(Aug 28, 1999)New cheats in this update: Super Energy, Super Laser, Auto All Bonus, Open All Levels

Super Energy System

Super Engine System

Super Laser System

Super Shield System

Super Cooling System

Alternate Computer Voice

Auto All Bonus

Time Stop

Open All Levels

Level Skip

To use the Level Skip, first enter the cheat above. Then, during the game while you are flying around press R1 L1 R2 L2 START at the same time. If a level has a second exit you can skip to that level by pressing R1 L1 R2 L2 X START instead. (hint: Level 5 has a second exit - did you find it?)