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Decaying Orbit is a space action game centered around your war against the Liaobec Empire. As the game opens, you are all alone deep within enemy space. Your first order of business is to get home. You must navigate your way through levels filled with planets, nebulae, enemy emplacements, and who knows what else.

Each level begins at a starting planet. Once you launch from this planet you must complete the level and land on the target planet in a fixed amount of time. Planets and nebulae will push and pull your craft in a variety of ways. You must dispatch the enemy turrets in order to activate the target planet. Once activated you may land and proceed to the next level.

Along the way you will encounter sympathizers to your cause. They will aid you by selling you equipment to upgrade your craft. Your ship has five systems you can upgrade: Energy, Engine, Laser, Shield, and Cooling. Choose wisely when purchasing because you need to maintain a balance between energy consumption, heat generation, and system power. Otherwise you may find your craft overheating regularly or not having enough power to maintain your systems.

In addition to system upgrades you will find several miscellaneous systems. From heat-seeking missiles to gravity nullifiers, these "extras" can have any kind of effect. Your ship only has room to hold a limited number of these extras so you need to decide which is best for a given situation.

Have fun and good luck! May you reach your home in time to help in the war against the Liaobec Empire!