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The Story

Things are not well in your war against the Liaobec Empire. Calling their allies together, the Liaobec have gained the upper hand over your race. While yours is the largest, the combined might of five other races is just too much. Their production capability far exceeds your own. It is just a matter of time before they overwhelm your forces.

In a desperate move, your fleet is ordered deep into Sparrj space. Being the largest weapon suppliers to the Liaobec, it is believed a strike at the Sparrj factories would cripple production, giving you time regroup.

Behind Sparrj lines, you are sent out on patrol. Enemy craft ambush you and your wingmen, destroying your comrades and leaving you for dead.

Eventually regaining navigation control, you return to your fleet to find it nothing but smoking wreckage.

Your mission a failure, you have no choice but to set out for home...