Would you buy Decaying Orbit?

Please read the proposal (if you haven't already) before filling out this form.

All questions are optional. Also, each question includes a text box where you can fill in your own response if my choices are not suitable.

Have you played Decaying Orbit either on PSOne or NUON?
Yes, the Yaroze version
Yes, the full NUON version
Yes, one of the NUON demo versions
Not yet

Would you buy an enhanced version?
Yes, definitely
Yes, likely
Not sure
No, probably not

If yes, what version would you get?
The cheaper one ($10-15, cardboard sleeve)
The deluxe model ($20-25, DVD case, instruction booklet)
Both! I'm insane.
Neither! Didn't you see me check "No, probably not" up there?

Anything in particular you'd like to see in the enhanced version?

What model NUON player do you have? If you have more than one, which one is your primary player?
Toshiba SD-2300
Samsung Extiva N2000
Samsung N501
Samsung N504
Samsung N505
Samsung N591
I don't have one yet, but plan to get one
I don't have one, nor do I intend get one

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What site referred you here?

Anything else?

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